How Bridge Financing Works.

General Natalie Vieira 10 Aug

How Bridge Financing Works. In life, things rarely go as planned. This is especially true when it comes to real estate! When it comes to buying a new home, in a perfect world, most of us would like to take possession of our new residence before having to move out of the old one. This […]

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Tips to Create a Monthly Budget.

General Natalie Vieira 3 Aug

Tips to Create a Monthly Budget. One of the quickest ways to take back control of your finances and understand where your money is going is to create a monthly budget. This will help you get a snapshot of your income compared to your spending, and provides an avenue to review outgoing costs and determine […]

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Choosing Your Mortgage Broker.

General Natalie Vieira 27 Jul

Choosing Your Mortgage Broker. There is little doubt that the biggest purchase of your life will be your home. When embarking on your homeownership journey, having the right support and information will make all the difference. Fortunately, a mortgage broker can help! With access to more than 230 lending institutions including big banks, credit unions […]

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Your Home Buying A-Team.

General Natalie Vieira 20 Jul

Your Home Buying A-Team. There are four major components to any successful home buying A-Team: your mortgage professional, realtor, home inspector and lawyer. Each of these individuals is important to various aspects of the home buying process. MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL While many people think a real estate agent is the most important person when buying a […]

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Financial Advice that Never Gets Old

General Natalie Vieira 13 Jul

Financial Advice that Never Gets Old. It’s difficult to find timeless advice in the ever-changing world of personal finance but these five are about as close as you can get. 1. Start small and start early with investing  Only around 5% of Canadians under 25 have a TFSA, which means 95% have already missed out […]

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How to Navigate Against Rising Mortgage Rates.

General Natalie Vieira 6 Jul

How to Navigate Against Rising Mortgage Rates. Inflation has a major impact on consumer purchasing power. With recent changes to both the overnight and interest rate, you may find that everything seems to be getting more and more expensive including your mortgage payments.  How Will Inflation and Rising Rates Affect Your Mortgage? If you have […]

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Canadian Home Sales Slow Again in May, Shifting To A Buyers Market in GTA.

General Natalie Vieira 29 Jun

Canadian Home Sales Slow Again in May, Shifting To A Buyers Market in GTA. Housing Market Correction Gains Steam in May Statistics recently released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show that the slowdown that began in March in response to higher interest rates has broadened. In April, national home sales dropped by 12.6% […]

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5 Tips to Stay Cool & Save This Summer.

General Natalie Vieira 22 Jun

5 Tips to Stay Cool & Save This Summer. Yesterday was the first day of summer – otherwise known as summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year! To maximize your enjoyment, we have some great tips for staying cool this summer AND saving money while you do: 1. Cook in the Great […]

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Changing Your Financial Direction

General Natalie Vieira 14 Jun

Changing Your Financial Direction. Did You Know? The average Canadian owes $23,000 in consumer debt and has at least two credit cards. Source: If you live paycheque to paycheque, the idea of somehow having enough money to invest and eventually having financial freedom seems about the furthest thing possible. But experts in financial education like […]

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When Was Your Last Credit Check-Up?

General Natalie Vieira 8 Jun

When Was Your Last Credit Check-Up? A few simple steps to healthy credit… Just like you should have a physical every year to make sure you’re healthy, you should do the same for your credit report and score. It is best to request a credit report regularly to detect problems sooner! Don’t wait until you […]

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